EXPERIENCED spanish TEACHERS + other professional backgroundS

What makes our company truly unique is the effort we put into choosing our instructors.​ 

Spanish Consultants' instructors are not only educators with years of experience at teaching Spanish to adults, but they are also experienced professionals from different fields  in their countries of origin.  

If you are a lawyer, a doctor or nurse, a journalist, an engineer, a business owner, or just about any other occupational field, Spanish Consultants will try to match you with an instructor of similar professional background. We pride ourselves in the ability to make these connections.

Our select team of native instructors bring the perfect combination of skills to our adult students:

  • Friendly personalities
  • A true understanding of cultural differences
  • Excellent command of Spanish grammar and pronunciation
  • A true passion for teaching language to adults
  • Professional experience in a field that matches our students'.

​Their patience, teaching skills and amicable personalities will make you quickly feel comfortable and progress from a novice to a fluent speaker.

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