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ESSENTIALS - Spanish for Beginners

This course will provide you with a strong foundation in proper Spanish pronunciation, sentence building, important vocabulary, as well as guaranteeing success in future learning. You will be introduced to the four language skills: speaking, listening, basic reading, and writing. Once you finish this course, you will be prepared to participate in our conversational workshops, Conversation I.

Intended audience: This 16-hour course has been designed for beginners or people who want to review the basics of Spanish.

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CONVERSATION 1 -  Conversation for Beginners (A1)

This is a group of 8 workshops that offer conversation practice to students with basic knowledge of the Spanish language. These workshops are the beginning of real Spanish conversation practice! How fun! In these professionally guided activities, you will learn and practice basic question formulation, improve pronunciation, learn important vocabulary, phrases, idioms and most important ... you will lose the fear of communication by keeping the conversation going! 

Intended audience: If you took our ESSENTIALS course, you are ready for this adventure; if not, please call us for an evaluation before registering.

CONVERSATION 2 -  Conversation for High level Beginners - Low level Intermediate (A2-B1)

These conversation activities are more challenging than in Conversation I. In Conversation II you will now be connecting more sentences and be challenged to use your past tenses more often. You will not get there by yourself, the instructor will guide you and teach you important vocabulary, and give tips and grammar drills that will help you achieve a higher level of understanding and confidence in real Spanish-only social situations. To join, you must call us for an evaluation.

Spanish for Travelers - A crash course

Going on a vacation to a Spanish-speaking country? This workshop is so perfect for you!

Upon completion of this 2 session (8 hour total) workshop, participants will be able to use Spanish to do some or all of the following: greet people; engage in etiquette and social niceties; introduce oneself and others, count to 2000, compliment people, order food and drink, give directions to a cab driver, check in to a hotel, make simple purchases, ask for directions and request assistance.

Intended audience: No specific knowledge of Spanish is needed.